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New prodcuts of exhibitors

Genu Explorer NUC Pectin

The best choice to produce clean label jams with a low sugar content.

REGG-EX - the natural egg-replacement

Regg-Ex is een combinatie van clean-label grondstoffen en kan eieren vervangen in recepturen.

New range partly defatted soy products

Solugel Ultra BD, collagen peptides

Collageen peptiden zijn makkelijk verteerbare proteïnen die een positief effect hebben op onze huid, botten en gewrichten. SOLUGEL® Ultra BD zijn premium collageen peptiden met een neutraal profiel op het vlak van geur en smaak. Dankzij de geagglomereerde samenstelling zijn ze uitstekend oplosbaar.

RAPS presents GE-RO Natural and stable meat colour

Organic Lecithin

Lasenor can offer you organic lecithin following the EU directive that will require the use of organic lecithin from the 1st of Januar in your organic products.

Natural solutions for sugar reduction

Looking for sugar reduction in a natural way? Ingrizo can help you with cleanlabel molecules of fruit origins to lift your products to a higher level and make the difference.

M-CULTURE® Starter- and protective cultures

Starter cultures should be understood as microorganisms, supporting the fermentation process of raw sausage products and raw cured products in various ways through their microbiological and enzymatic properties.

Lasenor BK

Lasenor releases LASENOR BK, a new range of activated emulsifiers in powder form.

Organic baker's yeast products

Biospringer’s range of organic products includes baker’s yeast extracts and inactive dried yeasts. It has been developed in accordance with the strictest specifications and European regulations, and meets the highest standards for organic processed foods.

How to Reduce Sugar – The Easy Way

Natural antimicrobial system for the food industry

SEA-i®, nature's silver bullet providing an extra hurdle in the food safety and quality program.

QD-Collect operationeel

Lees het - artikel over de implementatie van QD-Collect op onze website

New range of curries

Colin Ingrédients has made the most of its aromatic know-how and raw materials expertise to create its own interpretations of curry. We specifically worked on a precise characterization to create the curry that will perfectly match with your recipes.

Soy Free Vegetarian Frankfurter Sausage

Soy Free Vegetarian Frankfurter Sausage - With pea fibre, Delispice Vega FF and Ceboline and Ceboline Vega FF


Palm-free whipping agents (toppings)

Ingrizo offers the ultimate palm-free ingredient as instant whipping agent creating an excellent taste and a creamy light texture in a multitude of delicious applications.


Expressions Aromatique: Natural Flavours

Expressions Aromatiques ontwikkelt en produceert natuurlijke en synthetische aroma’s in vloeibare en poedervormige vorm speciaal voor de Food industrie. Ook worden biologische aroma’s geproduceerd.

Experts for competent advice realised customized solutions

The Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH develops, produces and sells starter- and protective cultures, functional additives and spice mixtures to the food industry, in particular to the meat- and sausage products industry.

V-Health Vegan Cookies

V-Health Vegan Cookies / Tasty vegan cookies enriched with sunflower protein and quinoa

Biospringer and vegan food products.

Biospringer's meat-free, natural, yeast products are suited to develop vegan recipes.

Springer Reveal

A new natural yeast extract range which highlights flavor notes and sublimates the taste

Kalsec® Beer Style Flavors

Consumers are looking for a variety of ways to experience the flavours of craft beer in food applications. Not only do they want beer flavoured food, but they want the specific beer flavours.


LowSalt – The Meat Cracks solution for the reduction of sodium

The sodium-rich diet of the present society and the resulting health risks, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis or kidney diseases are a hot topic.


A range of cold soluble gelatines which offer you more flexibility and savings in your production process.

Horizon Specialties: Pearlescent pigments New!

Rapid sensory profiling techniques

In de snel evoluerende markt van FMCG bieden nieuwe technieken een flexibel alternatief voor de klassieke productprofileringen met getrainde expertenpanels om sneller inzicht te krijgen in de productervaringen van de consument.

Grap'Sud the other richness from grape and olives.

De groep Grap’Sud is een bekende speler in het valoriseren van regionale agrarische producten en dit op een innoverende en duurzame wijze, waaronder een uitgebreid gamma aan polyfenolen.

Peptan® collagen peptides

Peptan® collagen peptides offer a world of health benefits with focus on healthy joints, bones and a beautiful skin from within.


The newest foaming creamers for cold and warm drinks

Discover the newest foaming creamer range. These ingredients offer unparalleled foam height and versatility for an indulgent cappuccino or chocolate experience.

V-Pro Vegan Shake Chocolate

V-Pro Vegan Shake Chocolate / A tasty vegan high protein shake containing AmTech Spray Dried Honey Powder

Eurovanillin from European top quality

Different types of Vanillin are available which offer that little extra for different applications like chocolate, sweets, bakery products and dairy products.

Liquified oat fibers rich in beta-glucans

Create the ultimate nutritional experience in dairy drinks, desserts and a wide range of applications with these natural liquified oat fibers rich in beta-glucans.

Sugar and fat reduction with the Mix Ennallin products

With Ennolys, a division of Lesaffre based in the South-West in France, we are presenting a strong partner for natural aromas with vanilla notes.

V-Care Acryl

V-Care Acryl / An effective solution to reduce acrylamide formation

De-oiled lecithin with E551 anti-caking agent

New in our product range

Holland Food Valley: Plant Proteins for a healhy & sustainable future

GreenFood50 quinoa ingredients, Duplaco’s heterotrophically cultured Chlorella microalgae and Meatless, 100% plant-based textured ingredients. Innovative plant protein ingredients will take center stage at Holland Food Valley’s booth. Focusing on a healthy and sustainable future, Food Valley NL Dutch companies, The Protein Cluster and The Agricultural Council at the Dutch Embassy in Belgium will be exhibiting many innovative ingredients.

Complete mixes for vegetable deli meat

These complete mixes offer an innovative solution for vegetable deli meat. They are comprised of seasonings, binding agents, texturing agents and vegetable flavourings, for gourmet products with a cooked flavour and a balanced taste. - Mixes free from soya and gluten - Visually similar to traditional products - Cooked taste thanks to blends of spices (mace, cumin, nutmeg…) - Easy to use: simply add water and oil - Process adaptable to curing A response to the growing trend for flexitarianism!

CP Kelco hydrocolloids

Solutions for formulating high protein, vegetal protein and low sugar food and beverages.

Clean Label Texturizers

For the production of prepared meals (sauces, soups), meat mixes, etc., various binders such as hydrocolloids and modified starches are often used. An alternative is a heat-treated wheat flour.

M-FERMENTIC® – Products for raw sausages

The fermentation of raw sausages is a technologically sophisticated process with many influencing factors that have to be mastered. Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH has been investigating these parameters for many years in the climatic chambers at our own technical-centre.

C&P Group: Clean label solutions for Meat, Fish, Bakery and Dairy products

Clean label oplossingen voor Vlees, Vis, Bakkerij en Zuivelproducten met de Saprona Transglutaminase producten van C&P Group.

GreenFood50 Quinoa Starch

GreenFood50 Quinoa Starch is geproduceerd met geavanceerde droge fractioneringstechnologie vanuit in Nederland geteelde quinoa zaden met een laag saponine gehalte. Hierdoor heeft dit ingrediënt goede gelerende en texturerende eigenschappen. GreenFood50 Quinoa Starch wordt toegepast in bakkerij producten, sausen, vegetarische, vegane en gluten vrije producten. Doordat dit ingrediënt minder vet opneemt, is het ook zeer geschikt voor coatings van vlees, vis, kip en vega snacks. Meer informatie? Bezoek GreenFood50 @Holland Food Valley, stand D32.

Vegetarian and vegan solutions

Ingrizo offers a customizable range of vegetarian finished products and vegetable substitutes for meat. These are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians.