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The consultation committee of Tuesday 11 May has confirmed what we all have been waiting for: an official authorisation to organise fairs again from 30 July.  This is very good news for all autumn fairs of 2021 that are now definitively confirmed!

In practice this means that intrafood:21 will be held as scheduled, from 27 until 28 October 2021. The exit strategy re-classifies fairs under the trading protocol in the same way as retail, shopping centres, etc. This is not the same protocol applied to events (e.g. festivals), which means that intrafood:21 can maintain its normal visitor volume. There is no limit to the number of visitors on the stands.

It goes without saying that we will provide all the necessary sanitary measures and invest in sufficient ventilation with accompanying CO2 monitoring, hand gels and disinfectants, visitor registration, etc. Other measures may be in force in October. If applicable, we will always inform you promptly and correctly. Catering is certainly allowed, albeit under the catering protocol in force at the time. We will also communicate about this in detail later on.

But the most important news is that everyone from the sector of ingredients for the food industry will be able to meet each other live again from autumn 2021 onwards!  After a very long "digital" period, we have noticed among exhibitors and visitors that the desire to network and do business physically is particularly high!  Moreover, a fair usually acts as a catalyst for the sector and intrafood:21 will be the first major meeting event in the sector.

Without a doubt, it will be a vibrant and historic edition!

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