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Focus on your product

Intrafood innovates and presents a new trade fair layout. What to expect?

  • The traditional corridors – on both sides of which visitors find the stands – disappear.
  • Visitors automatically walk through the modules
    • This ensures a low-threshold visitor flow through the stands
    • This increases the number of first contacts in an informal setting
    • The stands are grouped in different boxes, each with 4 uniform modules with presentation platform
    • The combination of 4 modules in 1 box creates a special interaction with your colleagues.
    • The limited height of the stands (2m) gives a transparent and open feeling
    • Your zone with table and chairs offers the opportunity to sit with your (potential) customers to discuss their projects, ideas and wishes profoundly.

What is included in the standard module?

  • 1 wall of 2.5 m long and 1 wall of 3 m long (height 2 m)
  • Carpet
  • Personalized nameplate
  • 3 chairs + 1 table
  • Electricity + lighting
  • Presentation platform (100 h x 100 w x 100 l) or (50 h x 100 w x 100 l) or (25 h x 100w x 100 l)
  • Mounted tablet against wall (100 h x 30 w x 150 l)
  • EXTRAS: possible, through the fair’s web shop