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Intrafood presents a fully equipped stand module including walls, carpet, electricity, lighting, furniture and stand maintenance. Additional services (e.g. counter, refrigerated display, brochure rack, ...) can be ordered through the webshop of the fair.

As an exhibitor you can concentrate on what's really important: taking care of your existing and potential customer relations, expanding them and focusing on your product. From our side you can count on an excellent framework in which you can present your offer optimally.


exhibition floor plan Intrafood:21

exhibition floor plan

Focus on your product

Intrafood innovates and presents a renewed & unique trade show layout. What to expect:

  • The traditional corridors - where visitors will find booths along both sides - will disappear
  • Visitors walk through the modules.
    • This creates a low-threshold visitor flow through the booths.
    • This will increase the number of first contacts in an informal atmosphere.
  • The stands will be grouped in different boxes with 4 uniform modules each with presentation base.
  • The combination of 4 modules in 1 box ensures a special interaction with your colleagues.
  • The limited height of the stands (2m) gives a transparent and open feeling.
  • your zone with table and chairs offers the opportunity to discuss in depth the projects, ideas and wishes of your (potential) clients.

What is included in the stand module?

  • 1x wall of 2.5m length and 1x wall of 3m length. Wall height = 2.0m
  • carpet
  • personalized nameplate
  • <3 chairs + 1 table presentation base (100X100X100 HBL) or ( 50x100x100) or (25x100x100)
  • Mounted shelf against wall (100x30x150 HBL)
  • EXTRA'S: to order via the webshop

View the exhibition floor plan

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