25-26 SEPTEMBER 2024

The prestigious Golden Tavola Awards 2024 go to: Sublimix, Terre de Fromages, Vecuisine by Nanuk and Funky Ouma by Ali-import


The prestigious Golden Tavola Awards 2024 go to: Sublimix, Terre de Fromages, Vecuisine by Nanuk and Funky Ouma by Ali-import


What exactly will today's consumers want on their plates tomorrow? It is with this rather tricky question in mind that food companies are constantly striving to develop products that meet the needs of even the most discerning gourmets.


Four companies win the Golden Tavola Awards in four categories. The fair is from 17 to 19 March at Kortrijk Xpo. From traditional to vegan, local to global products with a focus on convenience over sustainability to clean label and allergens.... Today's consumer's wish list is long. And at the top, of course, is taste! These are trends and desires that manufacturers would rather not ignore. The consumer is on board and this was clearly visible in the entries of the Golden Tavola competition. The Tavola trade fair will welcome 400 exhibitors and expect over 14,000 professionals from 17 to 19 March 2024 in Kortrijk Xpo.


4 Categories

With food arriving on our plates through a variety of channels, and with criteria for innovation varying according to these channels – a supermarket, for example, has different requirements than a catering business –, the Golden Tavola competition also takes this aspect into account.


The Rambla

All the products that got through to the 2nd round of judging will be showcased along the central Rambla at Tavola, which will be the perfect place to start your journey towards discovering the most outstanding new products. As for the 12 winners and nominees, they will have their own stand, where visitors will not only be able to find out more about the products, but they will also have the opportunity to taste them and vote for the Audience Award.



Winner Golden Tavola Fine Foods In Self-Service



Thai Bouillon - Sublimix

Thai bouillon will give any dish an Asian twist in no time at all: rice, noodle or wok dishes, soups, sauces, mussels, fish casseroles, etc. This stock powder is unlike any other, as it is extremely easy to use, versatile and very tasty. This product is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and contains no MSG. The target audience is the home cooks who wants to bring Thai flavours into their own kitchen in a very accessible and affordable way. Its creators deliberately made it not too spicy in order to appeal to a wide audience. So lovers of spicy Thai cuisine will have to add another spicy ingredient to their dish.





Winner Golden Tavola Fine Foods With Service



Meule du Plateau Réserve 18 months – Terre de Fromages

This is a 100% Belgian cheese made from raw milk, produced by cows that are fed only grass/hay (no silage), which is key to obtaining superior quality milk. This unique pressed cheese is matured for 18 months on spruce boards. The ripening produces more intense, complex and nutty flavours with a slightly saltier taste.
The cheese has a supple texture, slightly brittle and melts in the mouth. The presence of salt crystals results from the long maturation process.





Winner Golden Tavola Fine Foods Delicatessens



Black Garlic Salt Rub – Funky Ouma | Ali-Import

This mix of sea salt, fermented garlic, lemon zest powder and garlic and onion flakes creates a truly amazing explosion of flavour. Not only does it add a unique umami flavour to your dishes, but it also provides a quick and easy substitute for chopped onion and garlic. Combine it with some olive oil and you will get a fantastic rub for all your favourite dishes! Why Funky Ouma? Innovative Packaging / Convenient for on-the-go use / Its compact size makes it perfect for use at the table, at home as well as in bars and restaurants Functional AND 100% recyclable product.





Winner Golden Tavola Fine Foods Foodservice



Plant Based Mousse Crumble - Vecuisine

These small cakes are innovative desserts that should appeal to a wide audience. In addition to the 15 existing vegan mousses, these 4 plant-based pastries were created in late 2023 based on vegan mousse on top of vegan crumble. A new twist for the dessert range > By 2030, there should be a plant-based version of all dessert products.





You can also find the nominees here.


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Protein-enriched food products offer convenience for those who should or would like to consume more protein. Generally, it is not necessary to consume these products.


“We are receiving a growing number of enquiries from our clients on the prevention of cross-contamination in the mixing and packaging of dry ingredients for the food industry", says Domien Sierens of Food Blending. “Hygiene and quality assurance are our top priorities".


At the Tavola gastronomic trade fair, from 17-19 March, Maisonie will launch four flavours of dessert with extra protein. In nutritional terms, two are sources of protein and two are rich in protein, Nathalie Van der Straeten tells us. She also reveals which plant proteins have been added.


“Nutritional supplements are safe products with an established legal framework. Before they enter the market, a notification file must be submitted to the Federal Public Service for Health", stresses Valerie Vercammen of the professional Federation be-sup.

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