INTRAFOOD rescheduled for 3 & 4 FEBRUARY 2021

The coronavirus crisis has had a massive economic impact on a range of businesses and industries, including the food industry. Investment is down at the present time.

Many exhibitors have indicated that it would not be a good idea, in the present circumstances, to go ahead with INTRAFOOD this September. We see no other option but to cancel and reschedule this year's INTRAFOOD for the February of next year.

Although the Belgian government / FPS Public Health has not banned trade shows and large events after 1 September, we are of the opinion that this is the right decision. Exhibitors have nothing to gain if the food and drinks manufacturers have stopped investing, whereas the whole point is to give their businesses a boost.

For that reason INTRAFOOD will be rescheduled for 3 & 4 FEBRUARY 2021. The overall blueprint remains the same, all commitments will be honoured, all side events will go ahead as planned – only the date will change to February 2021:

  • Show days:
    • Wednesday 3 February 2021 from 09:30 to 17:30
    • Thursday 4 February 2021 from 09:30 to 17:30
    • The layout of the show remains unchanged: the stand locations will be identical

The INTRAFOOD team is optimistic about the future: we plan to use the extra time to make the 2021 edition even better, so that exhibitors do a roaring trade in February 2021 and receive the quality and return they have come to expect!

Have courage, be alert and above all stay healthy! We look forward to an extremely successful edition of INTRAFOOD in 2021!